TRANXLATE is positioned as one of the best multilingual content management companies in Brazil, and has a highly qualified team to offer its clients high quality services, having as a main focus punctuality, excellence and the best cost-benefit ratio, in addition to applying international translation quality standards and following high standards of confidentiality.

We offer specific methods that have been developed and improved throughout our history to satisfy our customers more and more. Our structure and know-how in project management provide to our clients material and documents adapted to the culture and linguistics characteristics of each target language, carefully respecting the source material.

TRANXLATE is a reference in technical translation, sworn translation, subtitling, dubbing and interpretation. Our mission is to transmit the message, respecting linguistic and cultural barriers of every language, aiming at obtaining always clear and accurate results.


    We perform technical translations, conversion (conversion from Portuguese into a foreign language) or double-conversion (2 foreign languages) of documents such as manuals, contracts, publications, books, leaflets and others, in various areas and languages.

    We perform technical reviews of documents such as manuals, contracts, publications, books, leaflets and others, in various areas and languages.

    We perform DTP (Desk Top Publishing) service after the document has been translated and deliver the file according to the layout of the original document. We use high-tech software to perform this service which includes image and layout processing, for graphical printing and other cutting-edge technologies.

    We perform sworn translations / interpretations made by Public Translators and Commercial Interpreters duly qualified and authorized by the Commercial Board of the state of residence in which they operate. This service is most commonly used for contracts, academic documents, certificates, among others for official validity in the country of destination. In this way, this service consists not only in the translation and conversion of the document, but mainly in its validation.

    We perform this translation service in which we provide our translators to translate directly in your company or place indicated by the client, confidential material or software.

    We perform the translation of the audio and then we write the caption from the speeches of characters and or images, carefully respecting the speech and reading time in a video file.

    We perform this service using professional voice talents who with their voice and interpretation replace the original voices in the audiovisual productions of institutions and companies for the national or foreign language. The entire process is performed in proper studio.

    We perform this service which consists in transcribing to a file what is being said in a video/audio.

    Simultaneous – Interpretation done in a booth for a large number of participants, such as lectures, in which the Interpreter simultaneously translates to the participants what the lecturer speaks. This service requires the use of equipment such as cabin, headphones and microphone.

    Consecutive -Interpretation made for a small number of participants, such as trainings, in which the Interpreter translates in parts to the participants what the speaker says.

    Liaison interpretation – In a meeting the interpreter works as a liaison between 2 or more people, in this case the Interpreter speaks both languages.

In order to meet the needs of an increasingly globalized market, we added to our quality processes the use of a translation assistance tool with an exclusive memory management system (TM) for each customer.

SDL Trados Studio is compatible with several file formats, as well as: SGML, XML, SDLXLIFF, HTML, XLIFF, TXML, files; Java source files; Microsoft Word, Excel, Bilingual Excel, PowerPoint, text files; and other files such as Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign and others, which  significantly reduce desktop publishing costs.

The use of phrases and terminologies stored in translation memories allows us to translate large volumes of content, always maintaining the quality of our clients’ brand, and the highest consistency in all language pairs. In the translation and proofreading process we integrate technical dictionaries and glossaries developed for each client (SDL MultiTerm). With this tool we are able to increase the productivity of our translation and proofreading team by up to 80%, which considerably reduces delivery times and translation costs for each project.

TRANXLATE is one of the few Brazilian companies to adopt the LISA quality system (Localization Industry Standards Association), which consists of a system designed to carry out the QA process (Quality Assurance – Quality Control) and ensure that the results of our services are as accurate as possible.

The LISA system is designed to classify the main categories of mistakes, in order to maintain the quality of the review process of a work. After the translation process, is the proofreading process that guarantees the best possible quality of the translated / converted material, since it is in this process that LISA establishes parameters to maintain the quality and accuracy of the revision process.

 Several issues are taken into consideration in the proofreading process, such as grammar, terminology, and terminology adequacy. In addition, during the proofreading process, it is possible to evaluate whether the text meets the standards required by the client.

LISA is useful to organize these issues and standardize the evaluation method at all stages of a given project, as it provides an overview of the performed service quality. It also works as a feedback tool for professionals in the field: the professional receives a report with the errors and/or improvements pointed out by quality control, which will help her/him to improve her/his next works, besides promoting a constant monitoring.

How we charge the services?

Translation = per word or page
Proofreading = per word
Desktop Publishing = per page
Sworn Translation = per page
On-site Translation = per hour
Transcription = per minute
Dubbing = per minute
Transcription = per minute
Interpretation = per minimum period of 2 hours


How we translate technical terms?

We work with a team of highly qualified Translators, Proofreaders and Desktop Publishers and it is segmented by areas of knowledge, making them able to apply the most appropriate terminology for the subject / area. In addition, we work jointly with the client so that we can apply the most appropriate terminological and linguistic characteristics for each company / area.


What about the confidential materials?

We provide a Confidentiality Agreement among our Partners, Vendors and Clients, in order to convey confidence and ensure safety for their business.